I co-chair one of the DU Grand Challenges Cohort, Environmental Sustainability in and Urban Environment.  Each DU Grand Challenges cohort spent the first year participating in a collective impact process to determine the goals of the group.  The Sustainability Cohort determined an overarching objective to increase the involvement of the DU community with community partners, with four pilot projects to support these goals.
Beyond GDP
Beyond GDP will attempt to develop a website with real time tracking of indicators that will be included in a Human and Ecological Wellbeing Index (HEW).  Our goal is to engage community partners in the process, having each community partner submit indicators of interest and participate in the discussion on how they should be included in the HEW Index.  Through this program, we hope to foster relationships that will provide opportunities for DU faculty and students to engage with various community partners through this work.  

Denver Public Schools Green Teams 

Environmental Justice Law Clinic
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